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About Industrial Rigging and Supply

  • Industrial Rigging & Supply has been established in Cambridge, Ontario since April of 2006.

    We are the first and only rigging shop to manufacture wire rope lifting slings in the Waterloo region. Our hydraulic press allows us to manufacture wire rope slings from 1/4" to 1-1/2" in diameter. In addition to manufacturing wire rope slings we also manufacture various different types of wire rope assemblies and chain assemblies.

  • If you are in transportation, construction, general contracting, mining, forestry or any other industry which requires lifting, securing or rigging products, chances are we have what you need. We stock wire rope (1/8" up to 1-1/2"), chain (Grade 30, 70, 80 and 100), nylon and polyester synthetic slings, snatch blocks, shackles (1/3 tonnes to 55 tonnes in stock and up to 1,550 tonnes available from our supplier), wire rope clamps, turnbuckles, lever load binders, ratchet load binders, recoilless load binders (jaw saver), cargo straps, weld-on winches, sliding winches, winch bars, ratchet straps, various kinds of hooks, thimbles, master links, lifting magnets, deck mate ladders, and material handling hose and end fittings.

  • Some of the Manufacturers products we sell are:

    Ocean Brand, Kito, Buchanan Rubber, Vanguard Steel, Crosby Group, Columbus McKinnon, Yoke, Wirop, Van Beest, Kinedyne, Ancra, Rulmeca, All Material Handling, Peerless Chain, Jergens, Spanco and Caldwell Group to name a few.

  • We look forward to helping you with your future requirements for lifting, securing and rigging.


Wire rope comes in several different constructions and used in various applications

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Wire Rope
Lifting Slings

Wire rope slings are manufactured in many different diameters and lengths.

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and Swivels

Many industries use hook and swivels in their day to day operations. What you may not know is that not all hooks are meant for lifting and not all swivels are meant to swivel underload.

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Shackles & Clips

The most common shackles are the screw pin anchor type shackle, the bolt type anchor shackle, screw pin chain type shackle and the bolt type chain shackle.

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Forged Wire
Rope Clips

When buying wire rope clips ensure you know the difference between "malleable" and "forged" wire rope clips.

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Lifting Chains
and Fittings

Grade 80 and Grade 100 alloy are by far the most common chain and fittings used in lifting applications.

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Lifting Chain

There are many types of lifting chain components. We stock a large variety of Grade 100 components and some Grade 80 that our customers purchase for their own use.

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Lifting Slings

Synthetic lifting slings are manufactured in two main types of material, Nylon and Polyester.

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There are many types of synthetic ropes in the market and depending on your application, different options are available.

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We have a variety of products used in the cargo securement industry including ratchet straps, chain assemblies, load binders, winch straps, bungee cords and more.

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Electric Chain Hoists
and Motorized Trolleys

Used in many industries the vast majority of electric hoists and trolleys are used indoors protected from the elements.

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Hoists, Trolleys
and Beam Clamps

Hoists and lever pullers are used for lifting and hoisting loads, equalizing loads being lifted, pulling loads and securing loads so they have great versatility.

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There are many types of snatch blocks for wire rope that we supply; we have the highest quality of domestic blocks and also very good quality brand name import.

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Forged turnbuckles are used in various applications and are to be used strictly for straight or in-line applications.

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Plate clamps are great tools for lifting up plate steel from the horizontal or vertical positions.

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Swivel Hoist

Swivel Hoist Rings come in imperial and metric sizing and standard or with a swivel bearing for rotation under load.

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Eye Bolts

Forged Eye bolts come in many sizes, can be imperial or metric in thread sizing and are an economical way of installing lifting eyes when needed.

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Lifting and
Spreader Beams

Lifting and spreader beams come in many sizes, styles and capacities. They are used in various applications where using conventional lifting slings are not an option due to angles, headroom issues, load sizes and/or position of lifting points.

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Other Fittings
and Accessories

This category covers many different types of wire rope, chain and synthetic sling accessories either built into the assemblies or as add-ons to the lifting slings.

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Hose and

Hoses are used for transferring many different types of dry bulk materials and fluids and are either used in suction or discharge applications.

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Manufacturers products

  • Ocean Brand
  • Kito
  • Buchanan Rubber
  • Vanguard Steel
  • Crosby Group
  • Columbus McKinnon
  • Yoke
  • Wirop
  • Van Beest
  • Kinedyne
  • Ancra
  • Rulmeca
  • All Material Handling
  • Peerless Chain
  • Jergens
  • Caldwell

Committed to service and quality products

Providing products and services to the transportation, construction, general contracting, mining, forestry or other markets which require lifting, securing or rigging products.